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This collection has been selected by Maison Gala to pay tribute to chefs, to the work of these culinary geniuses, via a range of designs, styles and colors. Its owes its existence to the creative talents of the ceramist and has been designees to give the purveyors of culinary excellence crockery worthy of their art. Jupiter plates are enameled in different natural shades, ranging from tobacco to caramel, from white to iridescent blue. Each piece is special and unique: lovingly made by our Italian craftsmen in small series, all that little bit different. All products are oven and dishwasher safe.


En option, ce produit peut être personnalisé en dimensions et en couleur. Pour toute demande de personnalisation, nous vous remercions de contact us avant de procéder à l’achat.


Jupiter platters are very large round plates for use as stands for the chef's "pièce de resistance". Sets comprise 2 plates, each measuring approx. 25 cm in diameter.


To order. Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks. Small quantities may be available for faster shipment.

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The lines, materials and colours of the Chef collection stand out for the creative energy and technical expertise of its craftsmen, for several years at the service of this category. The spirit of openness towards new creations and collaborations and the ancestral craftsmanship of Maison Gala, makes this collection in constant enrichment. A real promise to sublimate the particular notes of unique cuisines.

Grés, unleaded, MOCA certified for food contact in accordance with European standards.
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Porcelain and stoneware are very resistant, dense, uniform ceramics, with the tendency to last much better over the years than standard ceramic: they are classified as high temperature ceramics. They are actually cooked at a higher temperature, giving a high resistance to the finished product and making it more durable, more resistant to cracks, almost impossible to stain and therefore with no absorption issues and completely food safe.

This beautiful stoneware collection is made according to the old technique of turning: the clay paste is kneaded, or freed from air bubbles, turned according to the desired shape, dried and turned by hand, to refine the piece. It dries up and the "degourdi" undergoes a first firing between 900 ° and 1080 ° and a second between 1250 ° and 1300 ° once enameled by soaking.

Maison Gala is part of a responsible approach to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our societal footprint: all the products of Maison Gala are in complete harmony with nature through the use of noble, ecological and environmentally friendly materials, such as clay. This commitment is also integrated with the use, more and more, of fully recycled.

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Argent effet lunaire, Blanc mat


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