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Imperfection sublimated by gold! In our era of overconsumption, mending, repairing, or recycling are different ways of giving objects a new lease of life. This is the principle behind Kintsugi, a Japanese art that means "gold joint". Inspired by this ancient Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics, Maison Gala’s craftsmen use 22-carat gold leaf to repair bowls or plates accidently damaged during the firing process. The bowl presented here is part of the Mira series, with its clean white porcelain lines. Small flaws in this handcrafted item are mended with gold, deliberately making them into a decorative feature. Each piece is special and unique: lovingly made by our Italian craftsmen in small series, all that little bit different.


This product should NOT be used for food. It should be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth. Kintsugi ware should never be placed in the oven, microwave or dishwasher because of its gold detail.


Large sophisticated bowl to be used as a table centerpiece to delight your guests or simply for your own personal satisfaction. An elegant and highly functional object available in three sizes:

  • Small: 27 cm diameter and height approx. 9 cm.
  • Medium: 30 cm diameter, height approx. 4 cm.
  • Large: diameter 33 cm, height approx. 11 cm.


To order. Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks. Small quantities may be available for faster shipment.

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The Mira collection and its Kintsugi-inspired decoration, made entirely in the small craft workshops of Faenza, in central Italy, consist of plates, bowls and table supplements and white porcelain decoration in finely irregular clean shapes. Mira, like the other collections of Maison Gala, celebrates with style and refinement all your convivial moments according to the most precious Italian tradition. White porcelain of Limoges, unleaded, MOCA certified for food contact in accordance with European standards and 22 carat gold leaves to sublimate the defects of certain pieces, according to our interpretation of the ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi. Don't hesitate to take a look at the other items in our shop to complete your precious table.

Porcelain and stoneware are very resistant, dense, uniform ceramics, with the tendency to last much better over the years than standard ceramic: they are classified as high temperature ceramics. They are actually cooked at a higher temperature, giving a high resistance to the finished product and making it more durable, more resistant to cracks, almost impossible to stain and therefore with no absorption issues and completely food safe.

The delicate appearance and light feel is achieved using the technique of the plate: the dough is modelled, turned and stamped by hand. Glazed and transparent on the inside, smooth sanded on the outside, the clay used is a high quality Limoges porcelain. It has a great translucability to which is added the sublimation of gold, 22 carats, which heals the small defects of some piece that has been damaged from the oven. In our philosophy of recovery of the damaged, inspired by the ancestral technique of Kintsugi, we want to value the imperfection of objects, keep their history, against the overconsumption that plagues our society today. In a possible accident the object acquired much more value than the original copy.

Maison Gala is part of a responsible approach to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our societal footprint: all the products of Maison Gala are in complete harmony with nature through the use of noble, ecological and environmentally friendly materials, such as clay. This commitment is also integrated with the use, more and more, of fully recycled, FSC-certified paper packaging.

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