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PORTRAIT OF A CRAFTSWOMAN: Caterina, lightness in action

A craftsmen and women story

The soul of Maison Gala lies in the stories of its craftsmen who make their know-how a "savoir vivre". Their creations tell a lot about them and their traditions.


Caterina does not think of herself as an artist. In her own mind, she is a poet delicately using porcelain to create works remarkable for their lightness.

Sophisticated and harmonious, Caterina’s creations encapsulate her art: elegant ceramics recounting tales of life.

handcrafted Italian pottery maison gala
craftsman picture

Her delicate touch is reflected in the exquisite detail of her porcelain, revealing the true femininity of a woman capable of recreating herself each time, as varied and rich as the materials she employs.

Her works have an irregularity that speaks of true research, of artistic freedom unencumbered by constraints.

Her philosophy

Working with porcelain offers lovers, friends and groups of colleagues a chance to take part in a fun experience, while discovering more about themselves.

As they work with their hands, their thoughts can follow the path of materials that are always different, always able to produce something new and unexpected.

maison gala Italian handcrafted pottery

An explosion of materials

Caterina's creative and innovative strengths are also seen in her use of different materials: her Ortensia collection for Maison Gala is in fact an explosion of materials balancing the robustness of stoneware with the lightness of porcelain, the latter used in combination with paper for some exclusive items.

What Caterina teaches us is that the earth from which ceramics are made contains everything needed for a work of art: air, colored pigments, fire and water. A creative alchemist, she combines these elements, in proportions differing each time, to create porcelain objects that are always unique.

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