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Why choose a handmade product?

I never asked myself the question before breaking a plate service of Nonna!

Often the look and quality of a handcrafted product speaks for itself.

It is a pleasure to share with you my discoveries and above all to give you some elements to understand its precious distinctive values.

First, a definition of artisanal product is necessary. Between different existing definitions in the literature, I chose the one of UNESCO in which I find myself the most:

"Artisanal products are defined as products made by craftsmen, either entirely by hand, or using hand tools or even mechanical means, provided that the direct manual contribution of the craftsman remains the most important component of the finished product."

social responsability

We therefore emphasize the presence of the hand of man, as director of the artisanal object, of poetry!

The "manual" intervention gives the creation of the object itself invaluable value and a deep and moving meaning.

The object is unique: in the true sense of the word "unique" because it is not reproducible identically. There is human in it, not a programmed machine.

It is also easier to understand why the handmade product, handmade, remains manufactured in small quantities and respecting the necessary time, human action being present in the case of this production.

Going back to my story, I discover that my plate service handmade, finally in a thousand of pieces, cannot be re-ordered.

I quickly realize that the craftsman no longer exists: the end of a story, a transmission over several generations...

I share my thoughts: standardization is a strategy that actually allows economies of scale, a series production of standard models, all the same.

But with a lack of product differentiation or the imperfection of the human hand is completely absent.

In the tabling area, I feel the need for personalization and to find the human dimension, don't you ?

Stay safe!

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