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Prickly pears are the fruit of a cactus native to Mexico, imported into Europe by Christopher Columbus. Very popular in the Mediterranean, they grow especially in Italy’s warmer regions, Sicily for example. Their stems or pads (also called cladodes) are highly recognizable. In Sicily, prickly pears are one of the most offered ceramic objects, a gift also rich in meaning, since these succulent fruits succeed in growing in dry and arid land. They symbolize the spirit of resilience, the ability to succeed, to survive and flourish in the face of adversity, Maison Gala’s prickly pears are handmade masterpieces of Sicilian craftsmanship, upholding the traditions of the past yet with that subtle contemporary edge!


Our prickly pears are highly decorative objects that may also be used as table center pieces or as serving dishes. They come in 3 sizes: 18cm, 24cm, 32cm in length.


To order, delivery in 3, 4 weeks. Small quantities may be available to be shipped faster.

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The Trinacria collection, entirely made in the small artisan workshops of Sicily, the region further south of the "boot", consists of decorative objects made following the most ancestral traditions of the Island. Trinacria, like the other Maison Gala collections, celebrates all your convivial moments with style and refinement, according to the most precious Italian tradition.
The materials used in this collection deeply represent the Sicilian land: the majolica and the lava rock of Etna.
A damp, soft, non-abrasive cloth is sufficient to clean the object. Do not use chemical detergents as they can damage the enamel.

The products must be handled with care, taking care not to cause accidental falls, impacts with hard surfaces (even the slightest one can cause the parts to crumble) or anything else that could jeopardize their integrity.

The majolica , in Italian "maiolica", is today synonymous with "earthenware". Its name refers to the Italian earthenware pottery of the Renaissance, a particularly flourishing period of works of art in this field. The earthenware is cooked at around 1000 degrees, a lower temperature compared to high temperature clays such as stoneware and porcelain. Indeed it remains porous and for this reason it is covered with glaze.
There are plenty of benefits of working with majolica, one of the biggest is the fact that is brilliant because it cooks at such a low temperature, that makes the colours remain so much brighter: the result is wonderful. The decorative objects in majolica are very give the atmosphere a relaxed and elegant air, make yourself tempted by our Collection Trinacria!

Maison Gala is part of a responsible approach to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our societal footprint: all the products of Maison Gala are in complete harmony with nature through the use of noble, ecological and environmentally friendly materials, such as clay. This commitment is also integrated with the use of fully recycled, FSC-certified paper packaging.

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Blanc, Bleu marine, Noir, Vert forêt


18 cm, 24 cm, 32 cm


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