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In France, the art of the table recognized as a cultural heritage by Unesco

A real practice, which contributes to our cultural diversity and which deeply, strengthens the collective identity of the French, but not only, confirmed by an Italian in Paris!

We have always been people of relationship and we must not forget that.

I hope to find your agreement, saying that when we talk about tableware it is not just about setting the table with a nice tablecloth.

There is a lot more behind!

I interpret it above all as the desire to create the right atmosphere to welcome our families, our friends or a new acquaintance. Each dinner leaves me with the memory of a precious and enriching moment.

Arriving in Paris, I immediately loved the warm spirit of the new French friends and their passion for meeting around a table. Indeed, "Tabling", a new term for the art of welcoming our guests, is really part of the culture of this country, the Sicilian origin author swears!

It was not a case that, in 2010, UNESCO experts considered that the French-style gastronomic meal, with its rituals and its presentation, met the conditions to join the list of intangible cultural heritage of Humanity . And you know, it was the first time that a country's gastronomy has achieved this status! What pride the French friends!


The members of the Committee noted that indeed the meal was in France

“a customary social practice intended to celebrate the most important moments in the life of individuals and groups, such as births, weddings, birthdays, successes and the reunion ”

(quote from the official Unesco site


Consequently, a practice, which strengthens collective identity and contributes to the cultural diversity of the world.

The emphasis was on being well together, practicing the art of taste, the harmony between human beings and the productions of nature.

Conviviality, collective identity, cultural diversity, a heritage of values ​​inscribed in the genes of Maison Gala.

I find this recognition from Unesco of invaluable social and human value, which is why I am sharing this blog with you!

See you soon

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Le plaisir de partager la table.

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