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The legend of Sicilian Moor heads

A sicilian legend

Maison Gala is delighted to present its exclusive collection of Moor's heads in ceramic.

These captivating creations pay tribute to a legend deeply rooted in Sicilian history, and add a touch of mystery to your home decor.

Discover with us the enchanting world of Moor's heads and immerse yourself in a mythical tale dating back to the 12th century, perpetuated through the art of ceramics.
Discover this fascinating legend and let yourself be seduced by the timeless beauty of these unique pieces.

From love...

Once upon a time, in the Arab quarter of Kalsha in the city of Palermo, there was a young girl living in a sumptuous palace who devoted her days to caring for her flowers.

One day, as she stood on her balcony, she met the gaze of a young Moor with whom she fell madly in love.

Little did she know, however, that the Moor with whom she was infatuated was already married and had children in the Orient, to which he was destined to return very soon.

To passion...

Blinded by love and jealousy, the young girl waited until nightfall to take action. While the Moor slept peacefully, she cut off his head to keep it close to her forever. She then transformed this head into a vase where she sowed and watered her flowers with her own tears.

Passers-by discovered these luxuriant plants growing in these very special vases, in the shape of a Moorish head. Intrigued and fascinated, they commissioned local craftsmen to make clay vases with the same distinctive features.

A handcrafted heritage

This is how the tradition of Sicilian Moor heads was born, a tradition that has fed the creative imagination of many Sicilian craftsmen. Visit Sicilian Moor heads are more than just decorative objects.

They symbolize the power of love, consuming passion and the tragedy of a broken destiny. They also embody the skill and dedication of the craftsmen who painstakingly bring these exceptional pieces to life.

This is how our craftsmen, with their ancestral skills and passion for ceramics, have perpetuated this unique art, creating pieces of striking beauty. Each Moor's head: Palermo, Catania et Normand, et encore nos têtes de maure crées sur demande, racontent donc une histoire et incarnent une tradition vieille de plusieurs siècles.

The Moorish heads Maison Gala collection

At Maison Gala, we're proud to carry on this tradition, offering an exquisite collection of Moorish heads. Each piece is crafted with care and love, reflecting the history and soul of Sicilian Moor heads.

Let yourself be enchanted by the legend of the Sicilian Moor's heads and plunge into a world where love and art meet to create unique pieces.

With Maison Gala, discover the rich and fascinating heritage of handmade ceramics and bring a touch of Sicilian history into your home.

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